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Note: Only administrators can create and manage user accounts.

User accounts enable you to provide access to and manage permissions for resources.

To access the Users page, click Settings in the top navigation bar, then click Users in the left navigation bar.

The Users page displays a table of all user accounts. This documentation refers to that table as the users table.

Each row of the users table includes the user name, the dates of the last login and last failed login attempt, the total number of failed attempts, and the role assigned to the account.

You can assign user accounts roles that dictate the level of access a user has in These roles include:

Name Description


Basic users can only view scan results and manage their user profile.


Standard users can create scans, policies, and user asset lists.


Administrators have the same privileges as the standard user, and can also manage users, groups, agents, exclusions, asset lists, and scanners. Additionally, administrators can view scans created by all users.

Disabled Disabled user accounts cannot be used to log in to

You can change the role of a user account at any time, as well as disable the account.

Via the Users page, you can:

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