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Web Application Scan Templates

On the Scans page, the Web Application tab appears, displaying Web Application Scanning scan templates. You can use these templates with the default settings to create scans, or you can configure the templates based on your organization's web application scanning policies.

The Web Application tab displays the following Web Application Scanning scan type templates:

Note: Tenable recommends that you run a Web Application Overview scan the first time you scan a web application. After the scan completes, review the targeted URLs to determine whether scanning those URLs for vulnerabilities is sufficient. If scanning the target URLs is sufficient, use the default configurations when you run a Web App Scan. If not, configure the Web App Scan template settings to include or exclude certain URLs.

Template Description
Web App Overview

High-level preliminary scan that determines which URLs in your web application that Web Application Scanning scans by default.

Web App Scan

Detailed scan that checks your web application for vulnerabilities.

Note: A Web App Scan generally takes more time to complete than other Tenable scans.

Legacy Web App Scan

Detailed scan that allows you to use a Nessus scanner to scan your web applications.

Note: Unlike the Web Application Scanning scanner, the Nessus scanner does not use a browser to scan your web applications. Therefore, a Legacy Web App Scan is not as comprehensive as a Web App Scan.

Web App Overview Scan

Note: To avoid an Access Denied error when running a scan, you must add an Allow rule to the Cloudflare firewall for the scan's user agent string.

Web App Scan Settings

Legacy Web App Scan Settings

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