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Authorization generates a unique set of API keys for each user account. These keys allow your application to authenticate to the API without creating a session.

To authorize your application to use the API, you must include the X-ApiKeys header element in your HTTP request messages.

X-ApiKeys Header Element

The X-ApiKeys header element has the following format:

X-ApiKeys: accessKey={accessKey}; secretKey={secretKey};

The accessKey and secretKey parameters correspond to the API keys that generates for each system user. For more information, see Generate an API Key in the Vulnerability Management User Guide.


curl -H "X-ApiKeys: accessKey=2c935f507d0686382bb383e4daf92eef8b4a349b9b9de2bf85343c0f7e7265db; secretKey=0553ac5757e8e741d6ef034dc06618106e7855887428e662adcde8862d017cf9"

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