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Manage Asset Tags

In, asset tags are composed of custom categories and associated values. For example, if you want to group your assets by location, create a Location category with the value Headquarters. Note that this definition of tag is more specific than the more general usage of "tag."

You can assign these tags to assets to categorize or group the assets. Tenable does not support using asset tags to define custom attributes for individual assets.

Note: supports a maximum of 100 tag categories per organization. By default, the maximum number of total tags for your organization is 100,000. If your organization wants to change the total tag maximum, contact your Tenable representative.

In the user interface, you can create dynamic tags, that is, asset tags that the system automatically applies to assets based on asset attribute rules. The API does not support creating dynamic tags, but you can view information about dynamic tags created in the user interface.

To manage asset tags:

  1. Create asset tags that reflect your business context.
  2. Assign tags to your assets.
  3. Maintain the tags you've assigned:

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