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Network Interface Objects returns network interface objects when you retrieve asset data from For the complete list of attributes included in an asset export chunk, see Asset Export Attributes.

Object Syntax

{ "name": {string}, "mac_address": {array}, "ipv4": {array}, "ipv6": {array}, "fqdn": {array} }

Object Attributes

The table below defines the attributes of a network interface object.

Attribute Type Description
name string The name of the interface.
mac_address array The MAC addresses of the interface.
ipv4 array One or more IPv4 addresses belonging to the interface.
ipv6 array One or more IPv6 addresses belonging to the interface.
fqdn array One or more FQDN belonging to the interface.

Object Example

{ "name": "enccw0.0.1234" "mac_address": [ { "00-00-5E-00-53-00", "00-00-5E-00-53-FF" } ], "ipv4": [ { "", "" } ], "ipv6": [ { "2001:DB8:1234:1234/32" } ], "fqdn": [ { "" } ] }

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