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Source Objects returns source objects when you list asset details in

Object Syntax

{ "name": {string}, "first_seen": {string}, "last_seen": {string} }

Object Attributes

The table below defines the attributes of a source object.

Attribute Type Description
name string

The name of the entity that reported the asset details. Sources can include sensors, connectors, and API imports.

Source names can be customized by your organization (for example, you specify a name when you import asset records). If your organization does not customize source names, system-generated names include:

  • AWS—You obtained the asset data from an Amazon Web Services connector.
  • NESSUS_AGENT—You obtained the asset data obtained from a Nessus agent scan.
  • PVS—You obtained the asset data from a Nessus Network Monitor (NNM) scan.
  • NESSUS_SCAN—You obtained the asset data from a Nessus scan.
  • WAS—You obtained the asset data from a Web Application Scanning scan.
first_seen string The ISO timestamp when the source first reported the asset.
last_seen array The ISO timestamp when the source last reported the asset.

Object Example

{ "name": "NESSUS_SCAN", "first_seen": "2015-05-06T17:48:46.000Z", "last_seen": "2015-05-06T17:48:46.000Z" }

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