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Tag Objects returns tag objects in asset chunk downloads when you retrieve asset data.

Object Syntax

{ "uuid": {string}, "key": {string}, "value": {string}, "added_by": {string}, "added_at": {string} }

Object Attributes

The table below defines the attributes of an asset tag object.

Attribute Type Description
uuid string The UUID of the tag.
key string The tag category (the first half of the category:value pair).
value string

The tag value (the second half of the category:value pair).

added_by string The UUID of the user who assigned the tag to the asset.
added_at string The ISO timestamp when the tag was assigned to the asset.

Object Example

{ "uuid": "6ee5761f-5c99-434b-aecb-e09b755921b7", "key": "Geographic Area", "value": "APAC", "added_by": "e7ecb50b-1330-4a8c-b8e5-ee00ec8c46f8", "added_at": "2018-02-13T14:53:13.817Z" }

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