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Test API Requests in the Reference Guide

The API Reference Guide allows you to test API requests against your organization's instance.

To test API requests in the API reference guide:

  1. In your browser, log in to

    Tip: Make sure to log in using an account with permissions appropriate to the endpoints you want to test.

  2. In the same browser, view the page for an endpoint you want to test in the API Reference Guide.

    For example, you might want to test the API request that allows you to view the list of users associated with your organization.

    Note: This interactive testing requires that you open the reference guide in the same browser as you opened

  3. Scroll down to the Test section at the bottom of the reference page.

    If the request for the endpoint supports parameters, the Test section contains text boxes or drop-down boxes for each parameter as appropriate.

  4. As needed, enter or select parameters for the request.
  5. Click Send.

    The response message for the request appears.

  6. (Optional) Click Reset to clear the parameters you entered and any response messages received.

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