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Update an Asset Tag

User Permissions: Basic (16)

To update an asset tag, use the API endpoint described below.

Before You Begin

Determine the UUID of the tag you want to update.

HTTP Request

Note: To authenticate your request, be sure to include API keys in the HTTP header of the request. For more information, see Authorization.

Request Path Syntax


Request Path Parameters

Attribute Type Description Required?
value_uuid string The UUID of the tag value you want to update. required

Request Path Example


Request Body Syntax

{ "value": {string}, "description": {string} }

Request Body Attributes

Attribute Type Description Required?
value string The new tag value. optional
description string The new tag value description. optional

Request Body Example

{ "value": "Seattle", "description": "Devices installed at the Seattle, WA office" }

HTTP Response

Response Codes

Status Description
200 Returned if has successfully updated the tag value. For more information, see "Response Body Syntax."
400 Returned if the new tag value already exists in the category.
404 Returned if could not find the specified tag value.

Returned if you attempt to send too many requests in a specific period of time. For more information, see Rate Limiting.

Response Body Syntax

{ "uuid": {string}, "created_at": {string}, "created_by": {string}, "updated_at": {string}, "updated_by": {string}, "category_uuid": {string}, "value": {string}, "description": {string}, "type": {string}, "category_name": {string}, "category_description": {string} }

Response Body Attributes

See Detailed Tag Object.

Response Body Example

{ "uuid": "0a6c1176-4c03-4776-a60a-048021a48799", "created_at": "2018-10-30T15:39:16.687Z", "created_by": "", "updated_at": "2018-10-30T15:39:16.687Z", "updated_by": "", "category_uuid": "8981f2d8-a043-4a74-ad78-e6a73b13ccaf", "value": "Seattle", "description": "Devices installed at the Seattle, WA office", "type": "static", "category_name": "location", "category_description": "Asset location", }

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