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Add a Policy

To add a policy in Container Security:

  1. In the Statistics section of the Container Security dashboard, click the Policies widget.

    The Policies page appears. This page contains a table that lists the policies Container Security uses to evaluate container images.

    The table lists the policies in order of priority, as determined by Container Security.

  2. Next to the Policies heading, click the button.

    The add policy plane appears.

  3. In the text box, type a meaningful name for the policy.

  4. In the Repositories section, select the repositories where Container Security applies the policy:

    • To apply the policy to all repositories, select All Repositories.
    • To apply the policy to one repository:
      1. Select Specific Repository.
      2. In the drop-down box, type the name of the repository where you want to apply the policy.
      3. Select the repository.
  5. In the Conditions section, set the condition that triggers the policy.
  6. In the Enforcement Action section, select a policy enforcement setting.

  7. Click Create Policy.

    The new policy appears at the top of policy list on the Policies page.

    Note: By default, the system assigns the policy the highest priority (1). If you want to modify the priority setting, edit the policy.

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