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Edit a Policy

To edit a policy in Container Security:

  1. In the Statistics section of the Container Security dashboard, click the Policies widget.

    The Policies plane appears. The policies table lists the policies against which Container Security evaluates container images. The table lists policies in priority order, which is the order the system evaluates them.

  2. In the policies table, click a policy row.

    The edit policy plane appears.

  3. Edit the policy name.
  4. In the Priority box, type a number representing the priority for the policy. Container Security evaluates container images against policies in the priority order you specify.

    If you enter an already-assigned priority, the system assigns that priority to the new policy and adjusts the priority of the existing policies accordingly.

  5. In the Conditions section, set the condition that triggers the policy.
  6. In the Enforcement Action section, select a policy enforcement setting.

  7. Click Save. Container Security saves your changes and displays the Policies plane.

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