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Pull a Container Image from the Docker Registry

Required User Role: Scan Operator, Standard, Scan Manager, or Administrator

Use the docker pull command to download an image from the Docker Hub registry. For more information about pulling images, see the Docker Documentation.

Note: This procedure assumes your docker image is hosted at Docker Hub. If your organization hosts a docker registry, obtain the docker image using a method appropriate for your organization.

Before you begin:

To pull a container image from Docker:

  • Download the image from the Docker registry using the image name as it appears in Docker (e.g., rabbitmq).

    For example:

    $ docker pull

    Using default tag: latest

    latest: Pulling from rabbitmq/rabbitmq

    Digest: sha256:aa6f181d836ce0e91dfeaf08ca671b4e997926919f141c10b2abd37c2af42fe1

    Status: Image is up to date for

What to do next:

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