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Push a Container Image to Container Security

Before you begin:

To push a container image to Container Security:

  1. Use the docker login command with your API Access and Secret keys to authenticate with Container Security.

    For example:

    $ sudo docker login -u $TENABLE_IO_ACCESS_KEY -p $TENABLE_IO_SECRET_KEY


    WARNING: login credentials saved in /home/user/.docker/config.json

    Login Succeeded


  2. Tag the container image for the Container Security registry.

    For example:

    $ sudo docker tag rabbitmq:latest


    Tip: By default, images are automatically pushed to Docker's central registry. When you tag an image with, you can push the image to the Container Security registry.

  3. Use the docker push command to push the tagged image to Container Security. For example:

    $ sudo docker push

    The push refers to a repository [] (len: 1)

    de0397c6625e: Pushed

    f8016aaf3b9f: Pushed

    83758cb91f4f: Pushed

    c9d5389102ad: Pushed

    a5e498845191: Pushed

    1683aa1aee8b: Pushed

    e1253242cc77: Pushed

    b102fbc1499f: Pushed

    36a89f2fe626: Pushed

    ca89d4e16f6d: Pushed

    3318a6a8de2c: Pushed

    6dcbaff01d16: Pushed

    7d39e0a61f2e: Pushed

    523ef1d23f22: Pushed

    latest: digest: abc123:de4f567f891gh2i34jklmn56op789q1r234567891s234t56u7vwx89y1za23bc4 size: 35888


    Docker pushes the image to Container Security. Container Security scans the image for vulnerabilities.

What to do next:

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