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Invite a User




Invite coworkers to Container Security so they can quickly and easily gain access to your company’s container images. To invite a user, you simply click "Invite User" in the left navigation bar, fill out the brief form, and Container Security takes care of the rest. Container Security emails an invitation message with simple instructions for getting started.

You can add users individually via invitation, or your users can invite their group members as well. In this procedure, we will add an individual user.

If you are no longer logged in to the Container Security console, go to and log in with your username and password. Click Invite User in the left navigation bar.

Follow these steps to complete the form. For more detailed instructions, see Add User.

E-mail Address to Receive Invitation: Simply enter the E-mail address of a user within your Organization, who has an email address with the same domain as yourself, to invite the user to join your Organization.

After filling out the form, simply click Invite to invite the user into your Organization.

At this point, Container Security sends an invitation email to the user’s email address that you provided. The invitation includes links for activating the user's account.

You will see your coworker listed on the Users page.

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