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Authorizing your app to use the Container Security API

To utilize the Container Security API, requests require authentication using Access and Secret keys sent with their headers.

API Keys

If desired, you can generate Access and Secret keys via the interface. Alternatively, these keys can be generated per account through session: keys or users: keys and can be used to authenticate without creating a session.

Add them to your request using the following HTTP header:

X-ApiKeys: accessKey={accessKey}; secretKey={secretKey};


curl -H "X-ApiKeys: accessKey={accessKey}; secretKey={secretKey}"<job_id>

In addition, it is possible to perform actions as if authenticated as a different user by adding an additional HTTP header:

X-Impersonate: username={username}


curl -H "X-Impersonate: username={username}" -H "X-ApiKeys: accessKey={accessKey}; secretKey={secretKey}"<job_id>

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