Get Started - Establish the Foundation to Success

Assets, whether physical or virtual, connected to the network or not, can store or provide access to sensitive data. Organizations that begin with a strong asset discovery program can more easily establish an asset inventory that can be used to assess and mitigate risk.

All devices that connect to the network, regardless of connection duration, must be included in the asset inventory. Methods used to classify and categorize assets include:

  • Identification via ARP, ICMP, TCP, SYN, and UDP

  • OS fingerprinting

  • Passively listening for talkers

  • Frictionless Assessment (Scannerless/Agentless Cloud Asset Visibility)

  • Data from switches and routers regarding connected devices

  • NNM 6 (SIEM-collected DHCP Logging)

If network scanning is not yet fully deployed, switches and routers can be scanned with Nessus to find information about connected devices. This information can be used to build a scanning strategy, supplement discovery scans, or to confirm results from discovery scans.