How Tenable Can Help

Tenable Security Center and Tenable Vulnerability Management enables organizations to evaluate vulnerability data gathered from multiple active and passive scanners distributed across the enterprise. The Tenable Vulnerability Management Malware Defenses dashboard provides the necessary context to understand which assets in the organization are vulnerable to malware exploitation.

The Tenable Security Center Malware Defenses dashboard also provides summary status on anti-malware efforts and assets exposed to malware. Organizations need to have controls in place to block malicious application activity. Tenable Security Center has the ability to detect the installation and status of anti-virus programs and to track the vulnerabilities that are exploitable by malware and other exploitation frameworks.

Note: CIS CIS Version 7 listed Anti-Malware as Control 8, which is now mapped to Control 10 in CIS CAS Version 8.


Tenable Security Center and Tenable Vulnerability Management provide organizations a safety net of checks to ensure their antivirus/malware protection is comprehensive and fully functional.