Install the Secure Relay (GUI)

The following procedure installs the Secure Relay using a Windows installer. Before you begin, check that you have the necessary prerequisites and required linking key as described in Secure Relay

To install the Secure Relay:

  1. Download the installer from the Tenable Identity Exposure Downloads Portal to your virtual machine.

  2. Double-click on the file tenable.ad_SecureRelay_v3.xx.x to start the installation wizard.

    The Welcome screen appears.

  3. Click Next.

    The Custom Setup window appears.

  4. Click Browse to select the disk partition you reserved for Secure Relay (separate from the system partition).

  5. Click Next.

    The Relay Configuration window appears.

  6. Provide the following information:

    1. In the Relay Name box, type a name for your Secure Relay.

    2. In the Linking key box, paste the linking key that you retrieved from the Tenable Identity Exposure portal.

    3. If you choose to use a proxy server, select the option Use an HTTP Proxy for your Relay calls and provide the proxy address and port number.

  7. Click Next.

    The Proxy Configuration window appears:

    Proxy configuration for Secure Relay

  8. Select one of the following options:

    1. None: Do not use a proxy server.

    2. Unauthenticated: Type the address and port for the proxy server.

    3. Basic authentication: In addition to the address and port, type the user and password for the proxy server.

    Caution: To configure a proxy using "Unauthenticated" or "Basic authentication", the relay only supports IPv4 addresses (such as or a proxy URI without http:// or https:// (such as The relay does not support IPv6 addresses (such as 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334.)
  1. Click Test Connectivity. The following can occur:

    • Green light — The connection succeeded.

    • Invalid linking key — Retrieve the linking key from the Tenable Identity Exposure portal.

    • Invalid Relay Name — This box cannot remain empty. Provide a name for the relay.

    • Connection failed — Check your internet access.

  2. Click Next.

    The Ready to Install window appears.

  3. Click Install.

  4. After the installation completes, click Finish.

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