Tenable Identity Exposure Public API

Tenable Identity Exposure's API allows you to communicate with its database services.

The OpenAPI file containing Tenable Identity Exposure's API structure and resources is available here.

To access the API for your Tenable Identity Exposure instance:

  • In your browser, open this URL:

To download the OpenAPI file:

To retrieve an API key:

  1. In Tenable Identity Exposure, click on your user profile icon and select Preferences.

    The Preferences pane opens.

  2. From the menu, select API key.

    Tenable Identity Exposure shows your current API key.

  3. To copy the API key to the clipboard, click the icon.

To refresh an API key:

Access tokens expire if you click on Refresh API key or if you lose the right to generate an API key or access token. The expiration is not related to time or to the number of API requests. Generating or refreshing an API key is specific to the current user and does not interfere with other account API keys. When you obtain an API key, you also receive a refresh token. You can use this refresh token to retrieve a new API key.

Caution: When you refresh your API key, Tenable Identity Exposure deactivates the current API key. You also receive a refresh token.
  1. Click on Refresh API key.

    A message asks you for confirmation.

  2. Click Confirm.