Indicators of Exposure Related to Azure AD

Indicators of Exposure Specific to Azure AD

Tenable Identity Exposure has dedicated Indicators of Exposure (IoEs) that alert to potential vulnerabilities for assets in Azure AD.

To show Azure AD IoEs:

  1. In Tenable Identity Exposure, click the IoE icon in the left navigation bar.

    The IoE pane opens.

  1. Click on the Azure AD tab.

    Tenable Identity Exposure shows IoEs related to Azure AD that triggered findings.

    Azure AD-related Indicators of Exposure

  2. Click on a tile with the IoE that you want to investigate.

  3. The Indicator Identity Details pane opens with the following information:

    • Vulnerability information: How the exposure to a potential attack can occur.

    • Findings: Details about the identity provider type and a description of the risk.

    • Recommendations: Steps to remediate the threat.