Create a User

Required User Role: Administrator or organizational user with appropriate permissions.

Note: The following instructions apply to standalone instances of Tenable Identity Exposure. For instances linked to Tenable Vulnerability Management, you create users in Tenable Vulnerability Management which subsequently propagate to Tenable Identity Exposure.

To create a user:

  1. In Tenable Identity Exposure, click Accounts > User accounts management.

    The User accounts management pane appears.

  2. Click the Create a user button on the right.

    The Create a user pane appears.

  3. Under the Main Information section, type the following information about the user:

    • First name

    • Surname (last name)

    • Email

    • Password: requires at least 12 characters with at least: 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, 1 number, and 1 special character

    • Password confirmation

    • Department

    • Biography

  1. Click the toggle Allow authentication to activate the user.

  2. Under the Roles Management section, select a role to apply to the user.

  3. Click Create.

    A message confirms that Tenable Identity Exposure created the user with the selected role.

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