Create a User

Required User Role: Administrator or organizational user with appropriate permissions.

To create a user:

  1. In Tenable Identity Exposure, click Accounts > User accounts management.

    The User accounts management pane appears.

  2. Click the Create a user button on the right.

    The Create a user pane appears.

  3. Under the Main Information section, type the following information about the user:

    • First name

    • Surname (last name)

    • Email

    • Password: requires at least 12 characters with at least: 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, 1 number and 1 special character

    • Password confirmation

    • Department

    • Biography

  1. Click the toggle Allow authentication to activate the user.

  2. Under the Roles Management section, select a role to apply to the user.

  3. Click Create.

    A message confirms that Tenable Identity Exposure created the user with the selected role.

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