Install the Secure Relay (Tenable Nessus Agent)

The following procedure installs the Secure Relay using Tenable Nessus Agent.

Before you start

  • Check that you have downloaded and installed Tenable Nessus Agent.

    Note: The Tenable Nessus Agent installation program asks for an Agent Key. This key is not required for the Secure Relay feature.

  • Meet the necessary prerequisites and have the required linking key as described in Secure Relay.

To install the Secure Relay:

  1. On a machine hosting Tenable Nessus Agent and acting as a Relay, open an administrator command prompt window in the Tenable Nessus Agent directory (c:\Program Files\Tenable\Nessus Agent) and type the following command:

    Secure Relay Installation
    nessuscli install-relay --linking-key=<Relay Linking Key> --proxy-host=<Customer Proxy IP or DNS> --proxy-port=<Customer Proxy Port>
  2. Replace <Tenable Identity Exposure Relay Linking Key> with the value you copied previously from your Tenable Identity Exposure instance, and provide a proxy address and port number if you use a proxy server.

    The installation begins. It requires a few minutes to run connectivity checks and the installation process.

    When the installation completes successfully, it shows a message that the Relay is running on the host machine.

  3. In Tenable Identity Exposure, click System > Relay Management. The newly installed Relay appears in the list of Relays with the identifier shown in the installation window.

What to do next

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