Post-installation Checks

After the Secure Relay installation completes, check for the following:

List of installed Relays in Tenable Identity Exposure

To see the list of installed relays:

  • In Tenable Identity Exposure, click Systems on the left menu bar and select the Relay Management tab.

    The pane shows a list of secure relays and their linked domains.


After a successful installation, the following services are running:

  • Tenable_Relay

  • tenable_envoy

    Note: You can locate the Envoy license in Tenable Identity Exposure at Systems > Legal > Envoy license.

Environment variables

The installation also added 4 new environment variables related to Secure Relay with names beginning with "ALSID." If you selected to use a proxy server, there are 2 additional variables related to the proxy IP and port.

Logs for Troubleshooting

You can find logs in the following locations:

  • Installation logs: C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Temp

  • Relay logs: On the VM hosting Secure Relay in the folder specified at the time of installation.

What to do next

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