Tenable Identity Exposure Administrator Guide

Last updated: March 25, 2024

The Administrator's Guide provides information about administration tasks for Tenable Identity Exposure (formerly known as Tenable.ad).

Tenable recommends some of the following to get started as an administrator in Tenable Identity Exposure:

Tip: For additional information on Tenable Identity Exposure, review the following customer education materials:

Prepare and Install

To prepare for and complete Tenable Identity Exposure installation:

Configure Profile and Users

Next, we recommend interacting with the following to configure and navigate the Tenable Identity Exposure interface:

Detect and Monitor

Once you have configured and tuned Tenable Identity Exposure to your business needs, you can begin working with your data:

  • Deploy the Indicators of Attack module.

  • Manage and receive relevant information about the security state of the monitored infrastructure using the Tenable Identity Exposure portal.

  • Define attack scenarios by selecting the types of attack for Tenable Identity Exposure to monitor on specific domains.

Note: Tenable Identity Exposure can be purchased alone or as part of the Tenable One package. For more information, see Tenable One.

Tenable One Exposure Management Platform

Tenable One is an Exposure Management Platform to help organizations gain visibility across the modern attack surface, focus efforts to prevent likely attacks and accurately communicate cyber risk to support optimal business performance.

The platform combines the broadest vulnerability coverage spanning IT assets, cloud resources, containers, web apps and identity systems, builds on the speed and breadth of vulnerability coverage from Tenable Research and adds comprehensive analytics to prioritize actions and communicate cyber risk. Tenable One allows organizations to:

  •     Gain comprehensive visibility across the modern attack surface
  •     Anticipate threats and prioritize efforts to prevent attacks
  •     Communicate cyber risk to make better decisions

Tenable Identity Exposure exists as a standalone product, or can be purchased as part of the Tenable One Exposure Management platform.

Tip: For additional information on getting started with Tenable One products, check out the Tenable One Deployment Guide.

For an overview of Tenable One, see the following video:

For more information, see the following: