Tenable Identity Exposure Deployment

You install Tenable Identity Exposure as an application package hosted in a dedicated Windows environment that must fulfill specific hosting specifications.Tenable Identity Exposure requires access to the operating system's master image on the system where you install it.

Required account permissions: The account you use to deploy Tenable Identity Exposure must have these specific permissions: SeBackupPrivilege, SeDebugPrivilege, and SeSecurityPrivilege.

Tenable preconfigures the application package with only Tenable services and your specific requirements. This deployment option offers maximum flexibility and integrates seamlessly into your specific environment.

NoteTenable Identity Exposure runs on a micro-services architecture embedded into Windows services. These services have a dedicated purpose (storage, security analysis, application, etc.) and all are mandatory. Consequently, you can only install Tenable Identity Exposure on operating systems supporting the micro-services model.