Tenable Identity Exposure Diagnostics Tool

Tenable Identity Exposure provides a diagnostics tool that allows you to retrieve log information related to your Tenable Identity Exposure installation so that customer support can analyze and assist you with any issue.

You download this diagnostics tool from the Tenable downloads portal.

Note: This diagnostics tool only works for on-premises installations of Tenable Identity Exposure.

The diagnostics tool can do the following:

  • Identify whether the current machine (where you launched the executable file) hosts the Storage Manager (SM), Security Engine Node (SEN), or the Directory Listener (DL).

  • Scan the environment to find other Tenable Identity Exposure installations available on your network.

  • Detect a list of log sources related to your Tenable Identity Exposure installations to test and retrieve information about them accordingly.

  • Retrieve MSI logs on failed Tenable Identity Exposure installation attempts.