Manage Your License

Tenable Identity Exposure requires a license file from Tenable or through Authorized Enterprise Partners. The license user count covers all enabled users and service accounts.

You must upload the license file to configure and use Tenable Identity Exposure.

Tip: The license file is located in the Tenable Community Portal under "My Products" (you must be an administrator in the Tenable Community to view the license file.)
Caution: If you do not apply a valid license to your SaaS platform, Tenable decommissions it after a certain period.

The Tenable Identity Exposure licenses can include:

  • Indicators of Attack

  • Indicators of Exposure

  • Both of the above

License Consumption

For on-premises installations, Tenable Identity Exposure tracks the license consumption if there is an internet connection available.

License Validity

The Tenable Identity Exposure license remains valid as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • The number of users does not exceed the number granted on the license.

  • The date of expiration is not past.

If you do not meet either of the above criteria, Tenable Identity Exposure displays a warning to prompt you to update your license: