Storage Manager Disk Requirements

As part of its security analysis, Tenable Identity Exposure stores the differences for each Active Directory (AD) change either from the AD database or the Sysvol network share.

The Storage Manager component oversees the storage of these events using the following:

  • An event log storage for attacks related events

  • A Microsoft SQL Server instance for all other events

Tenable provides both minimum and recommended hardware requirements depending on your Active Directory activity:

  • A minimum sizing configuration to start and run the platform in most infrastructures.

  • A recommended sizing configuration to cover the needs of most event-intensive AD infrastructures.

Tenable Identity Exposure also requires the implementation of a specific disk layout to store the different database files and to ensure that I/O performances are compatible with its activity.

Due to the amount of Active Directory data it processes, Tenable Identity Exposure is a disk-intensive application. To avoid any bottleneck introduced by the storage (disk or SAN), Tenable Identity Exposure offers a minimal and recommended configuration.

  • As with sizing, the minimal disk performances generally cover the needs of most infrastructures.

  • The recommended infrastructure offers better experience for large or active AD infrastructures.