Dashboards allow you to visualize data and trends affecting the security of your Active Directory. You can customize them with widgets to display charts and counters according to your requirements.

The Tenable Identity Exposure dashboard acts as a real-time command center for your organization's Active Directory (AD) security. It provides a comprehensive overview (e.g. a real-time, centralized view) of your identity landscape, highlighting critical vulnerabilities, pinpointing potential attack vectors, and enabling proactive risk mitigation.

Key Dashboard Features

  • At-a-glance overview: Get a rapid pulse check on your security state, with key metrics like compliance score, top risks, and user activity trends displayed prominently.

  • Drilling down into details: Dive deeper into specific areas with interactive widgets that break down risk factors by severity, user category, and other relevant criteria.

  • Customizable focus: Build personalized dashboards tailored to your priorities, using pre-built templates or crafting your own layouts. For example, for creating a dashboard for popular misconfiguration against common recurring IoEs:

    • Ensure SDProp Consistency

    • Domain Controllers Managed by Illegitimate Users

    • Dangerous Kerberos Delegation

  • Real-time monitoring: Stay informed of emerging threats and suspicious activity with continuous updates and alerts.

  • Actionable insights: Gain practical recommendations for remediation, prioritized based on severity and potential impact.

Dashboard Templates

Tenable Identity Exposure provides dashboard templates that you can use to focus on priority issues that concern your organization, including the following templates:

  • AD Compliance and Top Risks — Compliance score, evolution, and risk criticality compliance

  • AD Risk 360 — Deviance evolution and issues by the severity level of the Indicator of Exposure

  • Password Management Risk — Password-related issues

  • User Monitoring — AD user evolution, user categories count

  • Native Admin Monitoring — Administrative accounts metrics

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