Incriminating Attributes

Tenable Identity Exposure displays the incriminating attributes that trigger deviant objects in an Indicator of Exposure (IoE) and gives reasons for them to help you understand the deviance and remediate it.

To see incriminating attributes:

  1. Display the list of Deviant Objects

  2. Click on an entry in the list of deviant objects.

    Tenable Identity Exposure displays a list of incriminating attributes for that deviant object:

The list includes the following information:

  • Color-coded tags to distinguish the different reasons when there are several.

  • Values:

    • ? — A missing (empty) attribute value which indicates an abnormal behavior.

    • No description is available for this deviance: The detection dates back to version 2.6 and Tenable Identity Exposure no longer manages this attribute.

To copy the incriminating attribute:

  • Select the attribute and click the icon.

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