Getting Support

When customers encounter challenges with their product usage, Tenable Technical Support is available to provide assistance. For expedited assistance, please consult the following article outlining best practices for opening Support cases: Opening a case with Technical Support: Best Practices.

Tenable empowers our customers to designate an appropriate case priority when creating Technical Support cases via the Tenable Community. These priorities range from P1 to P4, with P1 representing the most critical and P4 the least critical issues. Customers should exercise their best judgment when assigning case priorities to ensure their cases are handled promptly, and Technical Support reserves the right to adjust the priority of a case up or down for accurate classification. We strongly recommend customers with critical P1 issues to contact Technical Support directly to avoid any delays associated with email communication. Below are some examples to assist customers in determining their case priority.

Priority Description Examples
P1 — Critical Product functionality completely degraded – critical impact to business operation
  • Product (Nessus, Tenable Identity Exposure, etc - excluding Agents/Clients) service will not start

  • Product inaccessible to all users

  • Upgrade failure – Product inaccessible as a result

  • Nessus/Tenable Identity Exposure/ cannot scan (i.e. all scans error/cannot launch)

P2 — High Product functionality severely degraded – severe impact to business operations
  • Reports will not launch/generate (i.e. all reports fail)

  • Unable to query vulnerabilities/all dashboards/all scan results

  • Linking failure of Scanners/LCE/NNM (excluding agents/clients)

P3 — Medium General errors/issues – product impaired but business operations remain functional
  • Generally the default priority

  • False Positive/Negative

  • Scanning/Reporting errors

  • Errors with non-core functionality - asset/target lists, SMTP/LDAP integration, etc.

  • Plugin Update Failure

  • Initial installation/setup issues

  • Requests for testing upgrades prior to production installation

P4 — Informational Basic information or assistance with Tenable products – little to no impact on business operations
  • How do I [question]?

  • What ports must be open for the product to work?

  • Do you have a plugin that scans for ‘X’?

  • What IPs count against my Tenable Identity Exposure license? Do you have ‘X’ feature?