Regular and dependable backups are crucial for ensuring the availability and integrity of data within the Tenable Identity Exposure application.


  • Mitigate Data Loss: Perform backups in the specified scenarios to mitigate the risk of data loss during upgrades, updates, or system changes.

  • Ensure a smooth recovery process: Having backups ensures a smooth recovery process in case of unexpected issues during system modifications.

Tip: Regularly monitor the backup process to ensure its effectiveness & perform a periodic test of the restoration process to confirm the integrity of the backup data and its ability to facilitate a successful system recovery.
Tip: It is not required to stop application services when performing a backup.

Backup Type

The following approach ensures a secure and efficient backup strategy aligned with organizational policies.

  • Use an image backup (snapshot) as the preferred method in your environment.

  • Ensure that the backup captures the entire system state, including application configurations, databases, and associated files.

MSSQL Backup

Refer to Microsoft's documentation.

Backup Frequency

Perform regular backups at least once a month to capture the latest data changes and configurations.

Schedule backups during non-peak hours to minimize impact on system performance and user experience.

For MSSQL, perform regular backups at least once a week to capture the latest data.

Note: Backup of the SQL logs is not required.

Backup Scenarios

  • Tenable Identity Exposure version upgrades — Before initiating any version upgrades for the Identity Exposure application, conduct reliable backups.

  • OS upgrades or significant updates — Prior to performing any operating system upgrades or applying significant updates to the host system, ensure dependable backups are in place.

  • Hardware/OS changes to the Tenable Identity Exposure host — Before making any modifications to the hardware or operating system configurations of the Identity Exposure host, conduct thorough backups.

  • Modifications recommended by Tenable Support — Execute backups as required before implementing any changes or modifications suggested by Tenable Support for optimal system performance.