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Sensor Configuration Page

The Sensor Configuration page allows you to link NNM sensors and/or Nessus scanners to the Industrial Security software.

Once linked, the NNM sensors periodically send reports of assets and vulnerabilities detected by monitoring the network. For more information, see Configure Industrial Security for use with NNM.

Linked Nessus scanners can be used to actively scan discovered assets or known assets on a network. For more information, see Link a Nessus Scanner to Industrial Security.

Option Description
Linking Key The linking key required to link NNM sensors and/or Nessus scanners to Industrial Security.
Search Filters for linked sensors in Industrial Security.
IP Address The IP address of the sensor.
Name The name of the sensor.
Sensor Type The type of sensor (NNM or Nessus.)
Status The status of the sensor (e.g., Online, Offline, etc.)

To change the configuration of a linked sensor, click on the sensor row in the table. The Sensor Configuration page appears. Update the information as necessary, then click Save.

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