View Plugin Details

You can view specific vulnerability plugin information such as plugin details, affected assets, and additional resource information.

To view plugin details:

  1. Click Monitoring > Assets.

    The Assets page appears.

  2. In the asset list, click the asset for which you want to view details.

    The Asset Details page appears. By default, the Vulnerabilities by Plugin tab opens.

  3. On the Vulnerabilities by Plugin tab, in the vulnerabilities list, click the vulnerability for which you want to view plugin details.

    The Plugin Details page appears.

    Summary Information
    Plugin Details section

    View information about the plugin:

    • Severity - A colored block that indicates the severity of the plugin.
    • Name - The name of the plugin.
    • Plugin ID - The ID of the plugin.
    • Family - The plugin family to which the plugin belongs.
    • Last Seen - The date and time at which the plugin was last seen.
    DescriptionView a description of the information that NNM gathered from the plugin.
    Affected Assets tab

    View a list of assets affected by the plugin and the following affected asset information:

    • Search - Search through the affected assets.
    • Show Hostnames - Enable this toggle to display the asset's hostname. If the asset does not have a hostname, then Industrial Security displays the associated IP address.
    • System Type - The system type associated with the asset.
    • Source - The source that detected the asset.
    • Name - The name of the asset.
    • Manufacturer - The manufacturer associated with the asset.
    • Labels - Labels applied to the asset.

      Tip: Click Add Label to label the asset. See Label Assets for more information.

    • Port - the port on which the asset was detected.

    Additional Information tab

    View additional reference information about the vulnerability plugin.

    Note: The Additional Information tab only appears when there is additional reference information about the vulnerability plugin.