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Dashboard Page

By default, the Dashboard page displays when you navigate to the Monitoring section of Industrial Security.

Current Vulnerabilities

On the Dashboard page, the Current Vulnerabilities section shows a count of your current vulnerabilities, sorted by severity.

Click a vulnerability severity block to open the Vulnerabilities page with the results filtered to the selected block's vulnerability severity. For more information, see the Vulnerabilities Page.


The Topology section shows a topological representation of your system's assets. Each bubble represents a subnet. A larger bubble represents more assets present on the subnet. Click a subnet bubble to open the Assets page, where you can view all assets within the corresponding subnet. For more information, see the Assets Page.


The Assets section shows a breakdown of your assets by the protocols that are used for communication, the system type of the asset, or by where the asset falls in the Purdue Reference Model for industrial control systems.

Click an asset classification to open the Assets page with the results filtered to the selected asset classification. For more information, see the Assets Page.

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