Feed Page

The Feed Registration and Plugin Update section of the Feed page allows you to update the Activation Code, plugins, perform offline updates, and configure a custom plugin feed host. The Activation Code only needs to be updated when it expires or if a different asset limit is desired.

The Fetch Plugins From box allows you to change where Industrial Security retrieves plugins from. If you change your Industrial Security instance to be managed by Tenable.io, Tenable.sc, or another Industrial Security instance, this value must be changed to match the location from which the plugins are to be retrieved. For more information, see Connect Industrial Security to Tenable.io, Connect Industrial Security to Tenable.sc, or Industrial Security Cascading.

The Offline Update section allows a user with administrative privileges to manually update the plugins when the Industrial Security host cannot connect to the Internet. After downloading the plugin update archive from Tenable, click Choose File and select the archive tarball to upload. Click the Upload Archive button to send the file to the Industrial Security host, and click the Upload Archive button again to update the plugins. If a new client is part of the update, you must refresh the web browser to see the updated client.

The Custom Plugin Feed Host is an alternate feed host. These are typically hosted on a local network to provide custom Industrial Security plugins.