Link a Nessus Scanner to Industrial Security

Linking a Nessus scanner to Industrial Security ensures that the scanner is available only for use by the connected instance of Industrial Security. While linked, the scanner cannot run tasks for any other application.

To link a Nessus scanner to Industrial Security:

  1. In Industrial Security, navigate to SettingsSensor Configuration.
  2. Copy the Linking Key.
  3. In Nessus, navigate to SettingsRemote Link.

  4. In the Link to drop-down box, select Nessus Manager.
  5. In the Scanner Name box, type the name of your Nessus scanner.

    Note: This is the name that appears in Industrial Security on the Sensor Configuration page.

  6. In the Manager Host box, type the IP address of the Industrial Security instance.
  7. In the Manager Port box, type the port over which to connect to the Industrial Security instance.
  8. In the Linking Key box, paste the linking key you copied from Industrial Security.
  9. Click Save.

    The Nessus scanner links to Industrial Security.