Configure with ARCON (SSH)

In, you can integrate with Arcon using SSH credentials. Complete the following steps to configure with ARCON using SSH.


  • account
  • ARCON account

Required User Role: Any

To integrate with ARCON using SSH credentials:

  1. Log in to

  1. Click Scanning > Credentials (administrator users) or Scans > Credentials (organizational users).

    The Credentials page appears.

  2. At the top of the page, click +Add.

    The Add Credential page appears.

  3. Scroll to the SSH section.

  4. Click Arcon.

    The Arcon Add Credential page appears.

  1. In the Name box, type a name for the credential.

  2. (Optional) Add a Description.

  3. (Optional) Add a Tag to the credential. For additional information about tags, see the Tags section in the documentation.

  4. In the SSH Arcon Credential section, configure the SSH credentials.

    Option Description
    Arcon Host

    (Required) The Arcon IP address or DNS address.

    Note: If your Arcon installation is in a subdirectory, you must include the subdirectory path. For example, type IP address or hostname/subdirectory path.

    Arcon Port (Required) The port on which Arcon listens. By default, uses port 444.
    API User (Required) The API user provided by Arcon.
    API Key (Required) The API key provided by Arcon.
    Authentication URL (Required) The URL uses to access Arcon.
    Password Engine URL

    (Required) The URL uses to access the passwords in Arcon.

    Username (Required) The username to log in to the hosts you want to scan.
    Checkout Duration

    (Required) The length of time, in minutes, that you want to keep credentials checked out in Arcon. Configure the Checkout Duration to exceed the typical duration of your scans. If a password from a previous scan is still checked out when a new scan begins, the new scan fails.

    Tip: Configure the password change interval in Arcon so that password changes do not disrupt your scans. If Arcon changes a password during a scan, the scan fails.

    Use SSL When enabled, uses SSL through IIS for secure communications. You must configure SSL through IIS in Arcon before enabling this option.
    Verify SSL Certificate When enabled, validates the SSL certificate. You must configure SSL through IIS in Arcon before enabling this option.
  1. Click Submit.