Amazon Web Services Connector

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Connector provides real-time visibility and inventory of EC2 assets in AWS accounts. To import and analyze information about assets in Amazon Web Services, you must configure AWS to support connectors and/or Frictionless Assessment, and then create an AWS connector in

With Frictionless Assessment, collects an inventory of data points on your AWS EC2 instances, then assesses the hosts for vulnerabilities in the cloud, rather than running plugins locally on the host. Frictionless Assessment is available when you configure an AWS connector with keyless authentication.

To configure an AWS connector with Frictionless Assessment, see Frictionless Assessment for AWS in the User Guide.

To configure an AWS connector without Frictionless Assessment, see AWS Cloud Connector (without Frictionless Assessment) in the User Guide,

Note: To manage existing AWS connectors, see Manage Connectors in the User Guide.
Tip: For common connector errors, see Connectors in the Tenable Developer Portal.