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AWS Connector

The AWS Connector provides real-time visibility and inventory of EC2 assets in AWS accounts. The AWS connector refreshes every 30 minutes. The licensing implications are as follows:

  • Assets discovered through the connector do not count against the license until and unless the asset is scanned for vulnerabilities. Discovery through the connector is free.
  • Assets discovered through the connector that did become licensed fall off the license the day after Cloudtrail shows the asset was terminated. This is an event that can be observed via the AWS connector.

    Note: Because Tenable retains the asset vulnerability data for 15 months, the instance may still appear on your dashboard after termination.

To configure the AWS connector, do the following:

See the AWS Connector Configuration Instructions for more information on configuring the connector.

Note: It is recommended that the customer create a new account just for Nessus which is restricted to read only access when scanning AWS web services.

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