SSH Integration

Complete the following steps to configure SSH credentialed network scans using BeyondTrust.

Note: BeyondTrust is only compatible with Nessus Manager. It is not compatible with Nessus Professional.


  1. Log in to Nessus.

  2. Click Scans.
  3. Click + New Scan.

  4. Select a Scan Template for the scan type required for your scan. For this example, the Advanced Network Scan template is used.

  5. To configure a credentialed scan for SSH systems using BeyondTrust, enter a Name and the IP address(es) or hostname(s) of the scan Targets.

  6. Click Credentials.

  7. In the left-hand menu, select SSH.
  8. Click the Authentication method.

  9. Select BeyondTrust.

  10. Configure each field for SSH authentication. See the Credentials section in the Nessus User Guide for detailed descriptions for each field option.

  1. Click Save.
  2. To verify the integration is working, click the Launch button to initiate an on-demand scan.

  3. Once the scan has completed, select the completed scan and look for the corresponding message - OS Identification and Installed Software Enumeration over SSH: 97993. This validates that authentication was successful.