To properly integrate Tenable with Hashicorp Vault you must meet the following requirements.

Tenable Product

You must have an active account for at least one of the following Tenable products to integrate with Hashicorp Vault: or Nessus Manager.

Tenable Role

You must have the appropriate role for your Tenable account as listed below. - Standard, Scan Manager, Administrator, or System Administrator

Nessus Manager - Standard, Administrator, or System Administrator

Hashicorp Vault Requirements

You must have an active Hashicorp Vault account. To create a Hashicorp Vault account, use the following steps.

Note: Hashicorp Vault provides options for, both, KV v1 and v2. However, Tenable only supports integration with KV v1.

  1. Install Hashicorp Vault.
  2. Start your Hashicorp Vault server.
  3. Create a Secret.
  4. Authenticate Hashicorp Vault.
  5. Deploy Hashicorp Vault.