Allow Shared Accounts

You can use the shared accounts option to manage multiple targets using the same credentials.

Before you begin:

You must have the following permissions selected in Lieberman:

  • log in
  • ignore password checkout
  • recover password
  • the management sets you want the account to have access to

To allow shared accounts in Lieberman:

  1. Choose an account or import one into the Lieberman password store.
  2. In the Lieberman UI, specify the credential and enter a name in the System Name field.

    For this example, we created: user - test-domain/user and machine - sharedcred.

    Note:If you enter a specific machine in the System Name, you can pull back a synced password.

    Note: The machine in the System Name field uses the same username and password combo for all targets.

  3. Click Import Account.