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Configure Server

After the Tenable permission is set:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Registered Servers (highlighted below) under the Configuration section.

  2. Select New Server.

  3. Click the Server Type drop-down.

  4. Select Tenable Import or Tenable Export.

    Note: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator takes data imported from Tenable and writes it to the TenableImport table in ePO.

    Note: The Tenable Import option imports vulnerability data to ePO. The Tenable Export option exports assets as a target group.

    Note: McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator clears the data after each import.

  1. Enter a descriptive name for the server.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Enter the or settings. See the Registered Server Configuration table below for a description of each field.

Registered Server Configuration

Tenable Settings Description
Import Server Type Client type is either or
IP Address IP address of the Tenable instance
Port Number Port number used to connect to Tenable (443 default)
Access Key Access Key is the username for
Secret Key Secret Key is the password for
User Name Username of the “Security Manager” account created in Tenable
Password Password of the “Security Manager” account created in Tenable
Import Results Selects the amount of data (in days) to import from Tenable
Debug Mode Enables debug mode. Leave unchecked unless specified by Tenable Support

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