Create Azure Principal Account for the Azure Connector

Complete the following steps in the command line interface to create the Azure Service Principal Account for the Azure Connector.

Note: This is an optional set up if you don't have access to the Azure portal.

Enter the command line information using the following example:

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name "TenableioConnector" --role="Reader" --years="3" --scopes="/subscriptions/[subscriptionID]"

To get the AppID:

  • Go to the first page with |more and locate:
az ad app list --display-name [displayName] |more

To get the TenantID and SubscriptionID:

  • Log in to the appropriate subscription:
az login
  • Locate the SubscriptionID as "id", and the TennantID as "tennantID":
az account list

Enter the client secret:

Use the client secret generated during the creation of the service principal account .