Application Dependencies

The Tenable apps for ServiceNow have the following application dependencies:

  • Tenable Vulnerability Management, 5.7+, or Tenable OT Security

  • ServiceNow Tokyo or San Diego


Note: Each application name is linked to its ServiceNow store listing. Click the link to see more detailed dependency information.

Tenable Connector: This application is a prerequisite for all of the following Tenable applications in the ServiceNow store.

Tenable for Assets (Service Graph Certified):

  • Tenable Connector

  • ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Integration Commons for CMDB
  • CMDB CI Class Models
  • ITOM Licensing (com.snc.itom.license)

  • ITOM Discovery License (com.snc.itom.discovery.license)

Note: Service Graph Certified apps are required to have the following dependencies: ITOM Licensing (com.snc.itom.license) and ITOM Discovery License (com.snc.itom.discovery.license). You may request to have the com.snc.itom.license plugin installed on your instance from the ServiceNow Support Portal. Contact your ServiceNow representative for more information.

Tenable OT Security for Vulnerability Response:

  • Tenable Connector
  • Tenable for Assets
  • ServiceNow Vulnerability Response

Tenable for ITSM:

  • Tenable Connector
  • Tenable for Assets
  • ServiceNow Incident (ITSM)