Assets Settings

Note:Tenable does not, currently, support Domain Separation in the Tenable for Assets application.

Settings can be changed for more control and troubleshooting.

  1. In ServiceNow, navigate to Tenable Connector> Connector> Asset Settings.

    Here you can view/edit:

    • Logging level
    • Max Cumulative Log Entries
    • Max Cumulative Log Size
    • Additional Settings
      • CI Classes to Ignore
      • Update all asset info (If unchecked, the system will only change asset information in your tables. It will not change the asset in ServiceNow.)
      • New Record sync frequency (min)
      • Record update sync frequency (min)
      • Asset Max Job Age (days)
      • Asset Max Job Wait Time (days)

Create a Matching Rule

See the Assets Matching and Creating Rules section.

Create a Create Rule

See the Assets Optional Configuration section.