Tenable for Assets for ServiceNow


Tenable.io's continuous monitoring and vulnerability management platform is trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide to protect critical applications, devices, and infrastructures. Purpose-built for ServiceNow's Vulnerability Response offering, this application imports your Tenable.io vulnerability data and lets you act on it within ServiceNow.

Application Menu

Tenable for Assets

Primary Role Required: x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.user

Title Required Role
Documentation x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.user
Contact Support x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.user
Dashboard x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.user
Assets Pending Approval x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.user
All Synchronized Items x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.user
Configuration x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
General Settings x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
Connectors x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
API Data Mappings x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.user
Transform Maps x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
Default Outbound Map x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
CI Matching Rules x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
CI Creating Rules x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
Diagnostics x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
Asset Outbound Jobs x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
Asset Inbound Jobs x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin
Queued Actions x_tsirm_tio_cmdb.admin

CI Rules

Description: A table that contains definitions of the rules to match and create Configuration Items as they come into ServiceNow from Tenable.io. Description: A table that contains the definition of a simple map.

Primary Roles


Description: An administrative user of the application.


Description: A basic user of the application.

Business Rules

Update Job and Chunk Status

Description: Business rule that sets the status of jobs and chunks.

Push Asset Update to Tenable.io

Description: Sends asset update information to Tenable.io by creating an async request queue action entry.

Set Name

Description: Sets the name of the asset attribute record if the connector or Asset UUID change.

Set Tenable Values when Done Processing

Description: On complete outbound jobs, this sets values on the asset attribute record.

Update Job Percent Complete

Description: Updates the job percent complete as records get processed.

Create Settings if None exist

Description: Automatically creates a general settings record with default values if one doesn’t exist.

Calc Job State

Description: Calculates the job state based on happenings with chunks.

On Job State Change

Description: Inbound job total records and percent complete, when the state of the job changes.

Notify About Limitations on Out of Box Rules

Description: Shows UI message explaining that out of box CI rules are not editable.

Push Asset Update to Tenable.io (Update)

Description: Sends asset update information to Tenable.io by creating an async request queue action entry.