VR Settings

Note:Tenable does not, currently, support Domain Separation in the Tenable for Vulnerability Response application.

Settings can be changed for more control and troubleshooting.

  1. In ServiceNow, navigate to Tenable Connector>Connector>VR Settings .

    Here you can view/edit:

    • Logging level
    • Max Cumulative Log Entries
    • Max Cumulative Log Size
    • Additional Settings
      • Max Job Log Age (days)
      • Import Plugin Data
      • Frequency (minutes)
      • Latest Modification (timestamp)
      • Latest Plugin Data Run
    1. In the Application menu, administrators can access modules for administering the application:
      • Configuration
        • Multithreading: Uses multiple "workers" to process data. You can select up to four data source registries for each application, or eight total registries.
      • Advanced
        • Transform Maps: Defines how fields are mapped as records and brought back in to update ServiceNow records.

          Caution:  We do not support changes made to Transform Maps. If you want to customize your Transform Maps options, we recommend you contact your ServiceNow Administrator.

      • Diagnostics
        • Dashboard
        • VR Logs