Tenable for Vulnerability Response (VR)

Note:Tenable does not, currently, support Domain Separation in the Tenable for Vulnerability Response application.

The integration of Tenable for Vulnerability Response with ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response module takes your Tenable platform findings and syncs them into ServiceNow Vulnerability Response tables and data structures. This integration allows you to reduce your cyber risk by allowing you to rapidly prioritize and automate the remediation of critical vulnerabilities across your most important assets.

Note: The Tenable for Vulnerability Response application only supports Tenable.sc versions 5.7 and later.

Major Features:

  • Leverage the Tenable for Assets application to properly link vulnerabilities to ServiceNow CIs

  • Create ServiceNow 3rd party vulnerabilities from Tenable Plugins
  • Create Vulnerable Items from Tenable findings

  • Customize data mapping while keeping app upgradability

  • Configure vulnerabilities to sync from your Tenable platform

  • Automatically close vulnerable items once Tenable finds them to be resolved
  • Reopen previously closed vulnerable items if they are found again at a later date.